Welcome to Prime Nano ScanWave™

PrimeNano ScanWave™ will transform your atomic force microscope (AFM) into the world's highest resolution microscope for electrical measurement.

ScanWave™'s game changing technology accelerates the research and development in diverse domains such as microelectronics, ferroelectrics, industrial materials, and next generation materials like graphene, CNTs, 2D semiconductors, and nano-materials in general. Discover how this technology can be used to help increase your productivity.

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Unprecedented Sensitivity and Resolution

ScanWave™ provides highly sensitive nano-scale visualization of conductivity, permittivity, and doping concentration. Local electrical properties, in the scale of 10nm's, are now available for examination in high resolution images.


Variations in conductivity or resistivity


Variations in local dielectric properties

N-Doping Concentration

Carrier concentration and carrier type

Advantages of ScanWave™

Unprecedented Sensitivity

Industry's highest sensitivity lets you image the hard stuff. Industry's lowest noise floor lets you see the small stuff.

Single scan - 6 channels of data
  • sMIM-C: Capacitance/Permittivity variation
  • sMIM-R: Resistivity/Conductivity variation
  • dC/dV Amplitude: Carrier concentration
  • dC/dV Phase: Carrier type +/-
  • dR/dV Amplitude: Carrier concentration
  • dR/dV Phase: Carrier type +/-
Nano Resolution

Transform your AFM into a high resolution, nanoscale local electrical property microscope.

Subsurface Imaging

Imaging of buried structures underneath the sample surface is possible thanks to the long range nature of sMIM.

Different materials, simultaneously

Be it conductors, semi-conductors, dielectrics, or insulators, ScanWave™ can handle it all. Different materials, even of different classes, can be imaged in the same scan.

Minimal Sample Prep Time

Since it is not necessary for the sample to be in a conductive path or under current flow or even for the feature of interest to be exposed, samples can be imaged with minimal prep time.

No Conductive Path Needed

No ground or conductive path needed to get your electrical characterization.

Contact and Non-Contact Mode Imaging

Electrical measurements can be made in tapping contact imaging modes, even during force distance curves. However you want to scan, ScanWave™ can get the electrical data you need.

Easy to Use Software

Scan management and configuration is a bliss.

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